Years ago, when we first met as neighbors sharing recipes and personal philosophies, we never would have imagined we’d be where we are today.  We instantly bonded over our mutual love of baking and the immense joy we get when others enjoy our food. From that moment, we knew that one way or another, we wanted to pursue our baking dreams, together.
The simple act of baking and creating in the kitchen reminds us of home, warmth and friendship.  Sharing our food with others allows us to convey all the positivity and sense of community we experience making the treats with those who get to enjoy them.  It’s our way of meeting people, of forging connection, of showing appreciation, love and thanks.
The best part of Salty & Baked has been seeing people enjoy our products and start new traditions.  It's also been rewarding to prove to ourselves, week after week, that what we make has a demand in the Lewisburg area and we have grown it through an unstoppable work ethic. We love baking everyday and there is a sense of deep satisfaction and pride when someone is really happy with our treats. It is a great feeling to prove to ourselves that with a can't-stop-won't-stop work ethic, we can achieve our dream. Everyday we see the overwhelming support our community has for us.  We are able to have a creative outlet, while working besides a friend.  Salty & Baked allows us to be in charge of our own destinies.

A love of baking and the belief in the meaningful connection that comes from sharing handcrafted food: that’s what transformed our two very separate dreams into one whirlwind of a reality."

-Gretchen & Emily