One of our first meetings with the group at the bookstore.

We love working with Bucknell students on projects for their classes. This website design is the work of four hard-working women- Jess, Ilana, Tara, and Talia- in the Markets, Innovation, and Design (MIDE) program at Bucknell. Their class, MIDE 300, was tasked by their professors to work with a local business to design a website that reflected the priorities and aesthetic of that particular business. To say that we were blown away by their thoughtful design would be an understatement.  As an online-only bakery, it is critical to have our website convey the care and love that goes into each of our products since we don't have that traditional brick-and-mortar storefront- a task that these students took to heart.

The culmination of this project was a presentation to their classmates, professors, and us. They did a great job!

Thank you Jess, Ilana, Tara, and Talia for your hard work!


Presentation time! Jess, Ilana, Tara, and Talia decided to do an interactive presentation that  demonstrated someone ordering treats for one of their friends.